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Loetec Elektronische Fertigungssysteme GmbH
Knowhow from idea to serial production
In Loetec`s own R&D department competent engineers and technicians develop solutions for given tasks in mechanics, electrics and electronics.

Excellent developing results are achieved in short time by frame interdisciplinary collaboration and the usage of modern developing software (Altium Designer, SolidWorks) as well as prototype building.

  • Own circuit board manufacturing and development using Altium Designer.
  • Circuit board mounting and soldering (conventionally and SMD)
  • RoHS-conform
  • Precise circuit board mounting by SMD placement machine
  • Development and construction of controls on processor base including software development
  • Programming of FPGAs or CPLDs by using hardware discription language VHDL
  • Development of pattern recognition systems
  • 3D constructions with SolidWorks
  • Development and manufacturing of customized electronic solutions
  • Manufacturing electronics for construction machines vehicle
  • cable packing
  • Switch board development and production
  • Planning, development, prototype building and production of machines, assemblies and devices with high content of electronics
  • Soldering, MiG welding, riveting

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